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Summer Movies Recap Part 1

Summer Movies Recap Part 1

The US summer season is that time of the year where Hollywood studios release their biggest, most hyped, expensive and heavily marketed films. 2011 was the year of the superheroes, a genre which has become too crowded lately. There were good films, as well as bad. Some movies achieved box office and critical successes whereas … Continue reading

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The authors happen to live in a world where everybody loves crappy movies mostly because the demands of professional life force them to watch and love brainless movies that have no heart or soul just to relieve them of the stress. Honestly these same people watch movies only for fun and entertainment without being passionate about the craft. Now is that wrong? Of course not, everybody has the right to enjoy movies crappy or not, but sometimes its only right to ‘unleash the elitist inside you’ and rant about what’s wrong with some movies and what’s right with some. So here we are, starting this blog busy our schedules may be just so we can rant and act like divas.


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Are you a movie buff? A film elitist? A working professional who loves movies? We're inviting everyone with a passion for movies and filmmaking to share their insights, thoughts and recommendations. Look for any of the authors in facebook and tell us why you can be a part of this team! Promise, we won't be so bitchy, so do send us a message.
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