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Dead Snow

Think “Cabin Fever” meets “Dawn of the Dead” and throw in some undead greedy Nazis, you have a perfect combination of camp, gore and humor in this one of a kind zombie flick that’s imported all the way from Scandinavia.

Dead Snow’s plot might be typical in the standard slasher movie rules but it does stand out from its historical element. Seven medical students go to a cabin in the Norwegian mountains during the winter holidays to frolic in the snow, get wasted, have sex and forget about the worries of medical school. Being eaten by zombies is the last thing on their minds. The carefree partying was disrupted when a mysterious stranger shows up and tells them the history of the place. During World War II, Nazis used to torture the townsfolk. As the war was about to end and defeat is looming for Germany, the Nazi soldiers got all the town’s valuables. The town fought back and killed the Nazis. However a small group was able to escape to the mountains and was never heard from again. They were assumed to have been frozen to death. The stranger then leaves. After a while the group discovered that underneath the cabin floor was a box of valuables. This was the event that catalyzed the Nazis reborn and started to attack these people. From then on blood spurted on the snow, decapitation involving some farm equipments here and there, eye gouging, and guts spilling around as the group struggle to survive.

This film is entertaining enough even though its campy. But it belongs to the good type of enjoyable camp. The characters are two-dimensional, clichéd and are seen in almost every slasher film before. The development of the personalities lacked depth and direction. The acting was just average. Hands down, this movie’s greatest asset is in the special effects and the make up. It was superb. The zombies looked disgusting and menacing. Also the camera work was flawless especially in the action scenes. The contrast of the snow and the bloody mess was beautiful in a twisted kind of way. The humor left me a bit cold and stale. Or maybe it was just the cultural thing.

Bottom line is the movie is just standard slasher comedy flick and it does separate itself from the rest of the pack but still it is not a masterpiece. The movie was able to pull itself together despite loose ends.

Watch it: if you want to kick back and relax with a good horror movie and you are a disciple of Fangoria

Do not watch it: if gore is not your thing and neither is reading subtitles while being frightened.

6.5 out of 10 stars: Solid effort and definitely worth your time. Just don’t expect a lot of scares. Gore dominates.


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