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9 Songs

9 songs is one of the most, or not, the most sexually explicit film ever to be introduced mainstream. It’s portrayal of raw sex in different positions and locations among two persons make raunchy seem light and the X rating an understatement.

Michael Winterbottom’s envelope pushing documentary follows the love story of Matt, a British climatologist and Lisa, an American exchange student in a span of a year, and as recalled and narrated by the former as he was stationed in Antarctica after it ended when the latter went back to the States. Through out their relationship the pair frequented concerts in the British rock scene from Franz Ferdinand, Super Furry Animals, and Black Motorcycle Club among others, which are included as footage, celebrated holidays together and had a weekend in a country.

The concept of this documentary was promising and unique except that it was not executed tastefully and creatively. The editing was haphazard and it gave the viewer a feeling of being a voyeur watching these two lovers consummate their love. Scenes of raunchy humping dominated most the seventy minute running time of this film that it gets redundant and boring and because of this the you feel disconnected with the characters. You do not buy the affections of the lovers and you are left with a feeling of disbelief. The main bulk of the film consisted of unstimulated penetrating sexual intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation and male ejaculation.

What’s most disappointing is knowing that Winterbottom directed this film. He is a pretty consistent filmmaker with critically acclaimed movies like “24 Hour Party People” and “Welcome to Sarajevo” in his resume, it was a complete waste of talent and idea based on this film’s outcome.

The film will definitely not disappoint to those looking for a buffet of different techniques to fulfill their sexual appetite but overall the film lack technical command, skillful narration and what it most failed to do is transcend the love of the two leads into the screen. Instead it was overshadowed by graphic scenes that it does not have a heart at all and it almost is tacky and crass.

Watch it: If you are looking for a different kind of trip!

Do not watch it: If you are prudish

4 out of 10 stars: A bad form of erotica though I appreciate its “boldness”. No pun intended.


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3 thoughts on “9 Songs

  1. where in the hell ur getting this kind of movies? I know u did not recommend it, but i still want to watch this, maybe just maybe, this will give me a different itch. Where can i get this by the way? Can I download this on tpb? Thanks by the way for sharing your views about this kind of movies. This blog opens a lot of doors to unravel those extra-ordinary movies and for a movie killer like me, will provide me a wider horizon of imagination and not to mention will help me sleep. Movies by the way are my sleeping pill. I cant sleep a night without watching a movie or a tv series. tnx muchos my friends.

    Posted by imbriankenny1 | June 3, 2011, 8:31 pm

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