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The Hangover Part II

With the same premise, different city, memorable characters and a whole lot of laugh out loud moments but this time raunchier than the original, this film will definitely not disappoint if you are looking for a good time in the cinemas on a weekend.

The Hangover was a surprise hit in 2009, it broke box office records, won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy and even had its share of critical acclaim. So a sequel shouldn’t be surprising. The movie is set in Bangkok as Phil (Bradley Cooper), Doug(Justin Bartha) and Allan (Zach Galfianakis) travel to Bangkok for Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding. Two nights before the wedding, after the rehearsal, the buddies (who call themselves the Wolf Pack) bond, talk and had a bonfire at the beach. They were joined by Teddy (Mason Lee), Stu’s soon to be younger brother-in-law much to Allan’s dismay. The next morning, Phil, Allan and Stu wake up in a hotel in downtown Bangkok joined by gangster Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) with no memory of last night’s alcohol and drug intoxicated mayhem. Chow is the only one who can recall what had transpired the previous night, died of an OD right before he was about to tell the guys, what then follows is like a deja vu of Vegas involving a monkey with a denim vest, an old monk who took a vow of silence, a tattoo in the face, a severed finger, a katoey prostitute, Russian gangsters, a trashed strip bar and a missing Teddy. The three then run all around Bangkok trying to figure out what has happened and find Teddy in time for the wedding ceremony.

The plot is very similar to the original and some have been calling it an imitation. But in the defense of the movie, why should they change the formula of which the audiences fell in love with in the first place? What they did to make this sequel as good as the original was to push the envelope to the outer limits. In this movie, the antics are crazier, the adventures are wilder and the display of nudity at all does not come as a surprise. It was expected but still it manages to draw guffaws. Overall it was a riot that surpassed the first film’s riot. The script was okay as it did not sink the film but weaker compared to the first move. The acting of the three leads were excellent. Ed Helms was hysterical as his character would often resort to shouting and overreacting in those situations and in those times he did we can’t help but also go into hysterics. Zack Galfianakis’s moments as the socially awkward Allan come mostly from his one liners and quips. He plays the character just right without being annoying and the jokes on The Jonas Brothers and his idolatry on the group still hits the funny note every time! And Bradley Cooper still delivers and his comedic timing blends perfectly with the other two, it’s just that compared to them he does not get a lot of droll moments. Their chemistry is impeccable and very believable.The cinematography and art direction perfectly captured the essence of Bangkok.

However this film will pale in comparison to the quality of the first film but production wise and whether it is as entertaining as the first, it definitely is! It’s still is a laugh trip despite it looking like a perfect duplicate of the original. And a feel good movie in a raunchy kind of way

Watch it: with your drinking buddies and you are looking forward to unwind after a tough week. Totally no brainer!

Don’t watch it: If the first movie did not make you laugh I doubt this will make you!

7 out of 10 stars. Though it lacks originally, it has plenty of laugh out loud moments and lines.


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